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You Can't Hate the Experiences that Shaped You

In order to love who You are, you can not hate the experiences that shaped You🙏🏻


In this current situation a lot of us are gifted more time to self reflect, grow, evolve and hopefully come out stronger, wiser, braver and more compassionate on the other side❤️


However self reflection can be scary and a bit annoying at times😬


Self reflection can dig up a lot of old wounds, some that might feel hard, upsetting or uncomfortable...


Sometimes self reflection can highlight the parts of Yourself that you might not be proud of, or some of the parts you don’t like to recall...

but these experiences no matter how hard, tragic or upsetting they may be, are still part of You and who You are becoming.


Make peace with your past experiences and if you can’t make peace at least accept them...

because You are You because of them.








Casey 😘

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