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Why you need to Love on your muffin top

- Are my pants a little more snug today?


- Do I feel myself gravitating to more salty sugary foods today?


- Am I dragging from all the tasty foods I enjoyed all weekend?


- Does my friendly fluffy roll I get when I sit down seem to have a little extra fluff today?

Yes 🤨

Do I regret it? Am I punishing myself? Am I calling myself, weak, a failure, a disgusting human?? - absolutely not, and either should you ✅

I hope you also had a lovely weekend filled with great food, family, and friends. I loved it, I give gratitude for it🙏🏻

And I know when I’m 90 I won’t wish that I stuck to low carb diets more of my life🤔

Trust me, I know, the hard part is loving yourself when you feel “heavier” disappointed and frustrated with your body.

But this is the critical time, the time when your body, mind and spirit need you to be extra kind to it❤️

To love on it...and that means all the pound cake and margaritas you enjoyed too😋

No regret, no remorse, no shame, no starvation, no skipped meals, no punishment exercise😞

Just start by loving yourself from the inside out and Start by choosing foods for your next meal that show your body Love, Respect and Nourishment 👍🏻

I hear you, I see you, I am you🙋‍♀️

The only cure-all I know, is Love❤️

#thinklikeyour90yearoldself 🧐

#rockyourtightasspants 👊🏼

#bekindertoyourself #grantyourselfgrace 🙏🏻

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