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Valentine's Treats

These beautiful cupcakes are just that, beautiful cupcakes I picked up for my family as a special treat on Valentine’s Day. For a significant time in my life I would have never just “picked up” something like this. I would have viewed them as dangerous risky sugar bombs that someone like me, the “constant dieter” just didn’t get to enjoy, let alone buy on purpose.


But that is exactly why I was never moving forward with my weight or my perception of being healthy and happy with my body. I thought eating and for sure buying cupcakes made me bad, a cheat, lazy, weak, and sometimes darn right disgusting.


Guess what, enjoying a cupcake doesn’t make you any of those only has the power you give it.


The more you deprive yourself, the more you will naturally crave and binge on foods you feel are forbidden.


I still become giddy walking through Mariano’s bakery...Have you seen that place😍 It’s like a sugar heaven with extra frosting❤️ But the feeling of knowing I have the power over the foods I want, when I want them is so freeing.


Most days I don’t give it a second look as I fast track my way through, but today as I so thoughtfully picked out the most perfect cupcake for each family member, felt so freeing and just right.


And my beautiful carrot cake cupcake is half eaten because I was so happy with my selection that I found myself a cozy spot and sat right down in Mariano’s cafe and enjoyed half of it right then and there 🤷‍♀️. I enjoyed every bite, and then much to my surprise I was good, satisfied and I will look forward to having the rest later with my family.




Happy Valentine’s Day,


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