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Trying to Eat Perfect is Over

My journey with food has been a long and winding road🏞like Colorado’s Pikes Peak Hwy😳


The more “health” books I read the more I obsessed with trying to eat so perfectly, so healthy, so clean😔. Well news flash... it’s impossible, not sustainable, and it makes me pretty cranky and kinda sad 😕Trying to eat perfect is so over🤗


You know why?? for starters because cheese is freakin’ delicious 🤷‍♀️ and having just a bit on my salad makes all the difference😋 Don’t get me wrong if you have a sensitivity to it, stay away. And I’m not saying cheese is a health food or that we need it to survive 🤥 but I have found that I’m much happier and healthier not trying to eat according to someone’s else’s beliefs and goals.


I don’t diet, I listen to my body💪🏼Sometimes it wants donuts and a lot of times it wants salad, usually with cheese🤷‍♀️

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