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Trust your Timing

I’ve spent the last couple of days deep in programs, rich in content strategy, marketing yourself, scaling your business, and SEO talk🙇‍♀️

It’s so easy at 38 to feel behind the 8 ball, that I’m starting too late, I get frustrated at myself that I didn’t start my coaching business back when I was 16, b/c i’ve truly had the gift of helping others feel better about themselves and their situations no matter how dark they may seem since I was just a kid…why did I wait so long?

And then I look around me tonight and I know I’m right where I’m supposed to be. And my timing is just right.

This isn’t a “working out of the home mom” vs “working your ass off in the home mom” post, this is a grant yourself grace, trust your timing in life reminder.

And for me, as I’ve been questioning why I didn’t start this part of my career earlier, I’m reminded every time I look around, I’m already incredibly successful in more ways than I ever could have dreamed of, everything else will be icing on the cake… and there will be icing, lots of icing🧁

#createyouricing my Friends 🍰


#youarerightwhereyouaresupposedtobe 🙌

#thelittlethingsarethebigthings ❤️

#hopewhisperer 🥰

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