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Take Off The Extras

September kicked my butt, literally and figuratively it felt. It was the toughest work month I’ve had to date. With that being said, it was definitely the most exhilarating, most rewarding, and the most confident I’ve been in what I’m doing.

When I’m overwhelmed with work, deadlines, tech issues, presentations to give and clients to see, the first thing I give up, is social media time. I may quickly share on my stories here or there but no time is spent scrolling others or posting on my feed.

Because every extra moment that I’m not working on something that someone needs from me, I’m loving on my family and trying my best to be present and available for what they need from me. I’m far from perfect at this. And we females are by far our hardest critic on this subject matter. But I learned a long time ago when my babies were quite small, when your time is limited…(and when is it not🤔) 💪🏼


I foolishly thought I was going to breeze into a simple October... however very unexpectedly that has been far from the case.

My to-do list has grown exponentially📝 my fear of letting others down is at an all time high 😔 and at the same time my heart has never been so filled with excitement and fulfillment in what I’m doing and where I’m headed 🥰

Please go check out my following post so I can share with you -

My Top 3 Non-Negotiables to not just Survive Work Stress but Thrive in Work Stress💪🏼

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