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Small Wins... #lookstupidproudly

Small Wins... #lookstupidproudly 🙌

True confession, I have not been to my gym since April😬 7 months ago - 100% fact✅

Now I love to be active and outside everyday and I’m a firm believer in mixing it up. The past months I was craving nature and more solitude in my workouts over loud music, social classes and bad lighting.

But as the days out of the gym turned into weeks and weeks turned into months it got so long since I had stepped foot in the door...I actually kind of feared it.

I had lost my gym confidence.

Well as nature has started getting colder and more damp everyday, I decided today was the day I was going back to the gym - with no expectations of what I had to do or how I would preform...I just knew it was time to face my uncomfortableness.

Now for the point of this long but very personal and accurate post...I crushed it 🙌.

Let me paint you a visual so we are all on the same page when I say “crushed it” - I mean I totally rocked my mommy/jogging thing, 5.7 MPH all the way 🙌 and then I rocked my made up exercisers that i vaguely remembered my instagram friends sharing in videos🤔 though I didn’t look just like them🤷‍♀️...but I don’t care because it felt great to just face my uncomfortableness and break through my fears.

I still kind of dislike the lightening and strange smell but I forgot how much I love smiling at all the positive people around me - it’s as if I’m saying “we’re really amazing - go us for being here” with my awkwardly giddy smile to everyone I see😊

Face your uncomfortableness, face your fears of failing, look stupid proudly✅. We build so much of it up in our head and the truth is with most things I’ve experienced in life the anticipation and the anxiety about doing something out of our comfort zone is far worse than just doing it.

Smiling awkwardly long at people, optional but highly encouraged😜

What’s a small win you have or want to conquer? - To build my website🙋‍♀️

- your turn?

#smallwins #bigpayoffs

#startatyourownpace but #juststart 🙌


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