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RESIST the Urge to Start a New Diet.

If your weekend was anything like mine you overdid-it in the delicious food department.

I know it is oh-so tempting to spend countless time scrolling, reading, and watching before and after pictures to decide what new diet you shall begin.

But I Promise you, the answer is Not in another diet.

Start with a healthy strong mindset...remind yourself, you are amazing, beautiful, strong, capable, kind, and full of life.

After a long and delicious weekend of apple-cider donuts cherry pie and never ending chips and guacamole my body needs some “real” foods.

So that’s just what I’m giving it, #wildcaughtsalmon #avocado and some #veggies sprinkled with olive oil, seasonings and Parmesan cheese.

I know it’s hard, for me too, we all want the quick fix but the quick fix will end in 3-7 days with you face down in the ice cream carton or drive through line, feeling defeated and badly about yourself.

So let’s do this together....No restrictions, no rules, no wagon to fall off, just make better choices starting right now because you Love your body and you want to feed it Well.

When faced with temptations - try my trick, I think to myself “I could have that now or I could have that later” ...and try to choose Later more frequently than Now. It will get easier, trust me.

Who’s with me, who’s joining the #eatbetterformybodychallenge



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