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My Valentines

For someone who slips and tells most pizza delivery boys, usually waitresses, for sure most children ( mine and others) and most definitely anyone I am getting off the phone with that “I love you” one might say it feels less special to hear it or to say those words.

I would strongly disagree... one of my first and maybe most important life lessons about the fragileness of life was back when I was in 7th grade. On a very normal weekday afternoon soccer practice, I Lost a friend to a very random unfortunate car that came up onto the field and ran her over.

That was my first of unfortunately several more life altering moments to come. That painful day taught me tomorrow is never promised...that being able to say “ i love you,” “ i’m sorry,” “ i forgive you,” “ i’m happy when i’m with you” or even “ i like you,” is promised to us.

For me the heartbreaking loss of an amazing girl, taught me to NEVER Ever miss the opportunity to share kindness, to tell someone how I feel, how they bring me joy, comfort, peace, excitement, gratitude. I’d rather slip and endure the very awkward consequences any and every day than risk them not knowing or hearing how I feel about them.

I take great peace in knowing that my loved ones know how incredibly special they are to my heart.

And to the love of my life, who loves me and his girls more than I see in the movies and read in my love stories, we feel it, each and every single day...when you so often work a 12 hour day and you rush home to coach one of their games or 3, when you cuddle up and watch the Bachelor, the Notebook or 50 First Dates for the 500th time just to be close to us, how you always make yourself a bed on our floor to give your spot to the girls when they don’t feel good but don’t want to be a room away, when you so easily get sucked into late night drives for no good reason except to be with you girls.

We are beyond blessed to feel and know your unconditional love in all the big and most important little ways.

Dave, I don’t just love you, I really really like you😘




Casey 😘

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