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My Top 3 Non-Negotiables to not just Survive but Thrive in Work Stress.

1.) Identify and take off the Extras

2.) When you start to feel cranky or short with your loved ones or you lose touch with the joy in your life, it is imperative you step away from your “work project”and move quickly towards what brings you love ❤️ laughter 💜 and some brightness back 🧡

Maybe that’s getting a massage, taking a hot bath, going for a run, hiding in your closet with cookies 🍪 no judgement here...a little self-care goes a long way.

For me it usually means dance parties in my kitchen with music as high as it can go, late night ice cream runs and all piling in my bed to watch The Goldbergs, The Carbonaro Effect

and Tosh.0

3.) Last, when I’m feeling serious work stress, I have trained my brain to think, how important would this be if I got an important call about a loved one right now…And BAM, just like that, in that exact instant, b/c that is truly how quickly life can change, my mindset shifts, perspective is had and I go about making my shit happen with less pressure and a whole lot less stress on myself.


Hope my non-negotiables might help you in times of work overwhelm...but FYI, Tosh.0 is a mommy & daddy show only.

What are a few of your hacks to handle stress?


Casey 😘







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