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It's Time

It’s’s time to start writing.

Time to stop scrolling, snacking, shopping, distracting, cleaning, nesting, reorganizing.

Time to stop worrying what my neighbors, friends and even family think.

Time to stop allowing some people to get in the way of me sharing.

Not everyone will like me, understand me, need to hear my story, my path and my passion in sharing it all...I don’t write for those people - I write, share and tell for those that do need to hear my stories.

Time to stop stalling - stop waiting until everything’s in line over here and I’m up to date on photo books and laundry...because I still need to get a birth announcement out for my almost 11 year old😬

The real question that’s been holding me up...

where to begin and what to write first.

I’ve got more books written in my head and my heart than I have photos in my phone.

Just where or where does one begin🤔...

and What is it time for you to begin???

Let’s be newbies together ❤️



Casey 😘

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