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Happy Birthday to my “person”

I have taught and continue to teach this special man, how to communicate, how to let things go, how to breathe deeper and how to sleep more soundly…

And he has taught and continues to teach me how to Love and be loved. Dave does a few things not perfectly but one thing he knows how to do better than anyone I know or any storybooks I’ve read, is Love me and his girls.

There is no question the Love he has for us is immeasurable, we know it, we feel it, we live it. On my weakest days all I have to do is look at myself through his eyes and I instantly feel Love.

Happy Birthday to the strongest, most competitive man I know, who is also the most selfless and compassionate man I know.

I’m so in love with your ❤️ and I wouldn’t want to do life without you by my side.



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