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Day Date Discoveries

To say it is rare for me to order the better tasting meal at a restaurant while dinning with my hubby would be a huge understatement.


I frequently go with salads, fajitas, sometimes I get crazy with a wrap but I tend to gravitate towards the foods I make at home🤷‍♀️. Usually having no interest in the items my husband orders, until...The food arrives 😬.


His always looks and tastes better than mine😕. Fortunately he’s very used to this scenario and is usually happy for me to nibble a little off his plate.


Well not today...when I read the description of this heavenly meal I instantly granted myself permission to enjoy every bite!


2 thick slices of French toast🙌, layered with ham, spinach, friend parmesan, and topped off with an egg. And as if it needed more deliciousness I upgraded for the crispy sweet potato fries🙋‍♀️.


I learned 2 important things during our day-date...First, it’s really delicious to mix it up once in a while😋.

Second, I’m not nearly as gracious at food sharing as my husband is🤷‍♀️

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