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Break the Habit, put it in Perspective

Just a reminder...keep your stresses and worries in

My daily measure on if it’s been a good day....

If I haven’t gotten a call that someone I love has been in a tragic car accident, or diagnosed with a terminal illness... it’s a pretty damn good day🙏🏻 #justthatsimple

I’m not saying life is not hard and people aren’t struggling with very real and painful stuff.

But too frequently we allow all the little insignificant crap to get the best of us.

Complaining, worrying, stressing, being cranky quickly becomes habit.

Break the cycle 👊🏼 put it in perspective.

#stopwastingtime #lifeisfragile #lifeishard #lifeisbeautiful 💫#thesecretohappinessisyourperspective 🙌

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