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My Life Mantra

Always • Always • Always • Applicable

You know we always have that one friend or acquaintance that loves to stir the pot, fuel the fire, brings the drama to every situation? maybe it’s even you?

We are all human this is not to place judgment or shame...however what I love about this perfectly relatable life mantra of mine is that you don’t need to make everything your business.

You don’t need to fix, discuss or work through everyone’s “stuff” and you certainly are not better off inviting other people’s “crazy” into your own life.

Drama breeds Drama and one thing I can assure you of, Is NO one needs more drama in their life.

Be aware - pay Attention to your Intentions when talking to others, are you coming from a genuine heart felt place is your discussion beneficial and helpful in some sort of way if not, get in the practice of leaving other people’s “stuff” alone.

Trust me when I say it will only help and serve you to do so.

#invitethepeace 🙏🏻#dramabreedsdrama

#nomoremonkeybusiness 🐒

#makelifesimpler ❤️

#happinesshacks 🥰

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